Integrity, Customer Service, & Compassion

The personal attention and communication you deserve is the way Turtle Reef Construction conducts business every day. We are committed to quality and to making projects affordable for our clients. We also believe in forging strong client relationships. We will go out of our way to make sure that the project a client wants to build will be the right product for that particular property and market. We work collaboratively with our clients, their architect, and other team members throughout the project to ensure goals are met with the highest possible quality workmanship. Through a solutions-oriented method, we are committed to the highest standards of excellence. Our goal is to build beautiful homes that truly reflect their owners’ priorities and goals.

Growing up in and around our family’s construction and engineering expertise and our Dad proudly a union electrician, we had the foresight to continue in those work boots and start our own residential construction company on the Treasure Coast. We have always loved building homes and making our customers happy. We spent many a days working in construction with our family. It was during those times we learned not only the hands-on and technical sides of the business, but also the importance of respecting, hiring and working side-by-side with the best subcontractors.

Our children were a big part of the Turtle Reef legacy; accompanying us on jobs when childcare resources were scarce and/or they missed us and wanted to be with us. Now it seems that our grandchildren want to get a feel for what it’s like to build and accompany us in the office at times.

We’ve had mentors over the years whom we attained much skill and education from regarding custom home building. One lesson that bumps out and we will never forget was from one of our mentors who liked to sweep out every finished house. We inquired with him one day “You’re a big, well-respected builder, why are you sweeping out the house?” He replied, “To spend time with the house.” We at Turtle Reef Construction have taken that lesson to heart and continue to sweep each new build.